Peace Frame Productions

Your Friendly Source for Independent Film Production and Videography. 

Peace Frame Productions is an outlet for creativity and passion in independent film production and videography in and around Columbia, MO.

We are all too familiar with the hardships that filmmaking and videography presents, which is why we understand it takes a crew of dedicated individuals to overcome these difficulties. At Peace Frame, that’s exactly what you get; a collaborative, professional and talented group of filmmakers who strive for quality and excellence with every project.

That’s Just the Beginning.

Peace Frame is so much more than independent film production and freelance videography. We see that filmmaking and media are shifting as a whole through the way people communicate and utilize technology. The way we interact with one another, watch videos, television & movies, and talk about the films we make, are changing.  We want to be a part of this change, progress with it and find success through its exploration.

We are a community that believes in educating ourselves and others while adapting with every film and video project we produce; this includes the way we create, promote and share it.

Our Mission is to “Help ourselves, students and fellow filmmakers in as large of an area as possible, to create a community that furthers the education and progress of film and media both as an artistic outlet and industry.”

We Put Your Projects into Motion

Peace Frame understands that video creativity doesn’t stop at film production. Creativity flows through every video project, which is why we offer other services, including wedding videographymusic video production and video editing services. Check out our previous works and see if we are a good fit for any of your film production, videography and editing needs.

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